Energy Intelligence is developing an ultra-compact energy harvesting system that turns the motion of vehicles into electricity. This patented technology will create a new and significant source of onsite generation for facilities with regular traffic onsite, from parking garages, to distribution centers, to toll plazas. At these locations, energy otherwise wasted by vehicles while braking will be turned into productive electrical energy that can be used to power equipment in close proximity or sent back to the grid. In comparison to other transportation-related recapture technologies, like piezoelectric plates, Energy Intelligence’s technology delivers significantly more energy at lower cost.


Traffic patterns align closely with energy usage hours so energy is generated at the time of highest consumption.

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Traffic patterns are predictable, which helps reduce utilities’ reserve costs by decreasing variance of generation and ensuring reliability.

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Energy is generated in close proximity to points of use and connections to the power grid, avoiding energy losses in transmission.

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Low production costs and high installation density and output enable competitive electricity rates without utilizing subsidies.

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